About Us

Birthed this year, our objective is to reach out and unearth the dangers of Endometriosis. We target women, girls and their families. We operate by raising awareness, generating conversations surrounding endometriosis, creating endo ambassadors and supporting victims.

I am passionate about raising awareness for women’s health and talking about the “taboo topic”, which is why I am proud to be an Ambassador for Endometriosis Ghana.

Our Mission

We pursue to raise awareness, educate, advocate and improve care for women with endometriosis, train more young girls to become change agents and provide support and treatment for women with endometriosis

Our Vision

Reach out to help people overcome the impact endometriosis. By 2025 endometriosis should be known like malaria and cancer. To have Endo centers across the country. Endometriosis to be part of the school’s reproductive health education.


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